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Savvy Office Services is a local, woman owned business delivering exceptional service and value to businesses in need of assistance.  From simple administrative tasks to more complex services like communications, marketing, web design and more, SOS can be a real asset to your business. 

When your "to-do" list is overflowing, and you're finding it difficult to stay afloat, send out an S.O.S.! 

Savvy Office Services will be the extra set of hands you need, when you need them the most. 

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​It's simple. 
Complete our Contact Us Form indicating the type of office assistance you are looking for.  If your request is:
  • Simple and fully outlined in the email - we will respond with a price quote. 
  • Complex, or requires a more comprehensive review - we will schedule a call with you to evaluate the project. 
Either way, once we've established the nature and duration of the assignment, we will respond with a proposal outlining the assistance we will provide and a price for that service. 
Upon both parties signing the proposal, the work will commence and you'll have one less project weighing you down.

Thin Out Your "To-Do" List | Free Up Valuable Time | Enhance Your Brand | Stress Less

For a comprehensive review of your project needs, and to receive a price quote,

Contact Us Today!

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